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    Keep your important asset on the road by regularly servicing your vehicle. Audi Claremont has fully equipped, state-of-the-art service centres to ensure that your vehicle maintenance needs are taken care of and that you and your family are kept safe on the road. Come into the Audi Claremont dealership and enjoy a coffee and our warm hospitality while we service your vehicle.

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  • AudiSmart Service

    AudiSmart Service

    Simplicity and transparency. This is what you deserve from a vehicle service. And it’s precisely what we’re delivering in the form of the AudiSmart Service. This offering provides peace-of-mind motoring by giving you the opportunity to build your own package based on your vehicle’s unique requirements. Now you will know exactly what your costs will be in advance and you will never have to pay for inclusions that you don’t need.

    How does it work? Simply book your vehicle in specifically for an AudiSmart Service. After looking at your vehicle, the Dealer will be able to provide more information about additional work that may be required. Maximum recommended retail prices in relation to some maintenance parts specials as well as wear and tear parts are reflected below.

    Note: the AudiSmart Service currently only applies to Audi A4, 2002 – 2013, petrol, diesel, 3.0L, and Sport (S/RS) models outside of the Audi Freeway Plan.

    From top to tailgate. The comprehensive base AudiSmart Service. This is a comprehensive inspection of the car’s key components by certified Audi technicians using the latest diagnostic technology. In addition to labour, this includes examination and replacement of:
    • Engine oil
    • Air filter
    • Oil filter
    • Sump plug


    Prices reflected are maximum recommended retail prices at participating dealers and include VAT and parts. Service packages include labour. Maintenance and Service parts exclude labour. The maximum recommended pricing is applicable to A4 Models from 2002 – 2013. Offer is valid from 1 August 2018 and may be withdrawn by Audi South Africa in its discretion without notice. Offer is subject to availability of parts. Terms and conditions apply. Contact your nearest participating dealership for more information. Offer only valid in South Africa.

    *1l brake fluid required per vehicle

  • Audi Freeway Plan - Motoring Peace of Mind

    Audi Freeway Plan

    There can be no better motoring peace of mind than knowing that your car will be serviced, maintained and repaired, should this prove necessary, at no cost to you. Thanks to Audi Freeway Plan, that peace of mind could be yours.

    The Audi Freeway Plan absorbs all maintenance and service costs, with the exception of between-service top-up fluids, fuel, cracked or broken glass, and tyres.

    A five-year or 100 000 km Audi Freeway Plan is included as standard on all new Audi vehicles. Top-up options to extend maintenance up to 300 000 km or ten years are available at extremely competitive rates. Audi has specially designed the Audi Freeway Plan for easy operation on the part of the owner. Making an appointment with any one of our approved Audi Servicing Dealers can effect regular servicing and maintenance as well as repairs (with the exception of accident damage).

    All work is handled by the relevant service department, which will liaise directly with the Audi Freeway Plan Maintenance Unit. No extra effort or payment is required from the Audi owner. The Audi Freeway Plan is registered with the vehicle and as such is transferable to the new owner should the car be sold before the Audi Freeway Plan has expired, giving added resale value. The Audi Freeway Plan is available in addition to the Audi's standard one-year/unlimited distance vehicle warranty.

    The Audi Freeway Plan, subject to certain exclusions, covers any repairs necessary after the expiry of the standard warranty.

    Roadside Assist Benefits

    Audi Financial Services

    The Roadside Assist programme offers the following benefits: 3.1 If assistance is required as a result of a mechanical or electrical breakdown (which includes the circumstances referred to in paragraphs. 3.1(a)-(d) below: (a) Flat tyres; (b) Flat batteries; (c)Fuel shortage; (d) Vehicle keys locked inside the vehicle. 3.2 Where your vehicle cannot be repaired at the point of breakdown to render it mobile, you are entitled to courtesy transport if the breakdown is within 100 kilometers of your normal place of residence, provided that such transportation will only be arranged to one address; 3.3 Where your vehicle cannot be repaired at the point of breakdown to render it mobile, and the breakdown occurs further than 100 kilometers from your normal place of residence, you are entitled to elect one of the following benefits: Hotel Accommodation Roadside Assist will arrange and pay up to two (2) days towards the Audi South Africa preferred hotel accommodation for you and the occupants of the vehicle. (This benefit is limited to one instance per annum and a maximum of R2 400.00 per incident) (b) Car Rental: If you prefer not to elect the hotel accommodation referred to above, Roadside Assist will arrange and pay for a car rental for a maximum of forty-eight (48) hours. This arrangement will be subject to you accepting the standard terms and conditions of the car rental company. Audi South Africa will reimburse the rental company on your behalf in respect of the rental charges only. Any charges relating to fuel and/or any other obligations reflected in the rental agreement will be for your account. 3.4 Where the breakdown has occurred further than 100 kilometers from your normal place of residence, Roadside Assist will arrange and pay to collect your vehicle and return it to your closest Audi dealer after it has been repaired; 3.5 Where the breakdown has occurred within 100 kilometers from your normal place of residence, Roadside Assist will arrange and pay for the vehicle to be collected and repaired at the approved Audi Dealer closest to your place of residence; 3.6 If required due to overnight delay, Roadside Assist will arrange and pay for the first forty-eight (48) hours of safe storage of the vehicle.

    Facts matter.

    What happens when your Audi Freeway Plan runs out? We created the Audi Freeway Plan Extension so that you can continue to take care of your Audi with total peace of mind.

    Audi Freeway Plan Extension is designed to cover your scheduled services and maintenance (or just your scheduled services) for up to 10 years or 300 000km. You can decide what suits you best.

    The table below shows our recommended extension intervals, relating either to time or mileage:

    5 Years 120 000km
    6 Years 150 000km & 180 000km
    7 Years 210 000km
    8 Years 240 000km
    9 Years 270 000km
    10 Years 300 000km
    Benefits of extending your Audi Freeway Plan:
    • Immediate coverage – no waiting period
    • Covers all services as per service schedule – no hidden costs
    • Protection from parts inflationary increases on
    • Audi Genuine Parts
    • No limit in terms of claim value
    • Contracts can be extended at anytime, subject to an 80 point check